While serving for well over a decade as the stage writer and editor for Time Out Beijing and Time Out Shanghai magazines, I interviewed Chinese and Western luminaries such as Tim Robbins, Placido Domingo, Itzhak Perlman, Tan Dun, Long Yu, and Stan Lai, among others. I have covered China-focused issues that include the rise of violinmaking, conservatory training, development in local choreography, emerging theater festivals, electric cars, organic farming, and on and on. My work has appeared in numerous publications including the The British Library Literature Project and others listed below, and I published a book on Shakespeare’s influence in China called The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare Its Own (Penguin, 2016).  

I am a strong interviewer, an avid researcher, and a vigilant fact-checker; furthermore, extensive profile writing has taught me to preserve the storyteller’s voice. I am equally comfortable in American and British English and have written more than a thousand magazine articles as well as business documents, art catalogues, online works, and several books. Whether it’s short punchy web pieces, long-form content marketing, or ghost-written memoirs, I can present your message in its clearest, most direct form, and help you reach your broadest audience.

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Ghostwriting: Do you have a story to tell, but don’t have time to put words on paper? Do you want to record your family history or honor a favorite relative? Do you want to inspire others to lose weight, get organized, or work more efficiently? I’ll do the research, conduct the interviews, and write your story in your voice—with your name on the cover.

Collaborative authorship: Let’s say you want to do your own writing—most of it, anyway. It looks great in your head, but somehow flounders on the page. Or maybe you don’t have the time to build it up the way you want. Let’s work together. I can do supplemental research, interview additional experts, and even throw in a chapter or two to flesh things out. We’ll share the work and the credit, but in the end it’s your story, told the way you want it.

Magazine features or long-form content marketing: The good news is, people still read. Why not reward longer attention spans with a feature-length article or e-book that makes your case or sells your product? I’ve spent years doing research, conducting interviews, and writing features on a panoramic range of subjects, and can create copy of any length that works for you.

Company brochures or web copy: Messages come in all shapes and sizes, some on trifold paper, some with their own URLs. But however you communicate, using a professional writer or editor tells your clients that your company invests in quality. Correct spelling, fluid sentences, and a coherent, streamlined message are crucial, because in business—and life—reputation is everything.

Words can change minds, change goals, and change lives. Let’s work together to ensure your words work for you.